Minimal Standards

If you ask a co-worker what happened in a meeting held last week that you couldn’t attend, shouldn’t they be able to answer? Is that too much to ask? Instead this is the response I received:Co-worker: um, what meeting? It was about X, you say? I don’t think I was invited.
I then pointed out the invitation which clearly displayed the person’s name.

Co-worker: Oh, weird. Let me check my calendar.
The person then walked away, checked on their computer and returned.

Co-worker: It looks like I did attend, but I’m not really sure what happened.
Me: {open-mouthed}

Co-worker: I’m often in meetings where I’m not really sure what is going on or who is running them, really.

I later followed up with someone else at the meeting and asked if co-worker had attended. She replied: well, co-worker was there, but you know, not really there.

Holy crap. Is it so much to expect that someone, who is not junior and is not new to the company, understand what is happening in meetings they attend or even just remember whether they attended?

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