This is not normal

I’d love to continue rambling about my Whole 30 experience, but not today.  Yesterday I watched Trump’s insane press conference. Things haven’t been normal since 2016, but we continue to slide down a hill into a crevasse. Sadly, I’ve grown used to a lack of decorum and even the stunning lack of historical awareness or even current knowledge (this article in the Washington Post basically says the Trump administration didn’t really understand the implications of a government shutdown. Stunning and unacceptable), but one part of the press conference really made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and that is this:

Let’s put aside the fact that there is no national emergency. Illegal immigration is at it’s lowest level in a decade and there is no evidence that they have apprehended terrorists. Threatening to declare a national emergency to get your way in what is in essence a budget negotiation is the act of a man child. We don’t know if this is just him trying to hold this over the Democrats heads to get his way or if he would really like to declare a national emergency so that he can just do whatever he wants, meaning be a dictator. Hitler did something similar in 1933 when Germany’s version of congress was in stalemate. Hitler. Reading any of the dystopian fascist novels that have come out since, this is how it starts. You just get rid of the laws you don’t like, then you arm a militia to keep the people in line, then you do whatever you want.  You think it can’t happen, but it can and it has. Margaret Atwood has said many times that everything in the Handsmaid’s Tale has actually happened at some point in human history. We’ve been protected for a long time by the alliances put in place after WWII. This sort of threat is frightening and we shouldn’t take it lightly.

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