Doing Something Interesting

I recently watched a TED talk by Cesar Kuriyama called One Second Every Day, in which he describes that is recording 1 second of his life every day to better remember his life, good and bad.  How many of us can’t remember whole chunks of time in our lives?  Honestly, what did I do last year in February, I have no idea.  Maybe if I looked at my calendar…
Anyway, one part of his talk struck me.  He said something like ‘If I want to record something everyday, I need (or want) to be doing something interesting’.   How often we fall into ruts:  clean the house, pick up the dry cleaning, work late at the office and suddenly a week or two (or more) goes by, you don’t know where it went (as the Talking Heads say: Letting the days go by, water flowing underground).  I don’t want to be like that.

Later, in the car, I was listening to the Writers on Writing Podcast (thank you Barbara DeMarco-Barrett) with Melissa Bank.  Yes, this isn’t a new cast, I do what I can.  In the cast they discuss the quote “If you want to change your voice, change your life”.   Wow.  I’m not really sure what my voice is now or if it needs changing, but I decided I want to find out.
 Both of these discussions made me think.  I want to do something interesting at least once a day and I want to discover my voice.  So here is this blog.  My goal is to write something every day and hope it will be interesting.  In the process, perhaps I’ll discover my voice and force myself to find something interesting out of each day.



Cesar Kuriyama:  One Second Every Day

Cesar begins this talk by describing how he had watched another TED talk on the Power of Time Off and how that inspired him.  He wanted to take a year off to work on his own creative projects, I think most people wish they could do that, I’d be ecstatic with just a month.  In any case, it pleases me that a TED talk sparked him and his TED talk in turn sparked me.  If you’re not watching TED talks, give them a whirl, see what sparks you!


 Writers on Writing with Melissa Bank


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