Sometimes a contest makes you rise to the challenge, sometimes a rival makes you better than you thought you could be, sometimes we get to go along for the ride and have the privilege of watching the content, the thrill of seeing other rise to the challenge give us hope for ourselves. Tomorrow afternoon something that has given me an enormous amount of happiness for a number of years, and I’m incredibly sad, missing it pre-emptively. Yes, tomorrow afternoon a thirty three year old rivalry, Syracuse – Georgetown, for me the second best rivalry in all of sports (nothing will ever really come close to Red Sox/Yankees) comes to a close. The teams move on to other leagues, all for the money, nothing about the sport and we are all worse off for the loss. But we have one more game to savor, a sell out, record largest crowd of 35,012 will be there and a national television audience.
Beat Georgetown.

Sat: 2/23, 4pm est, CBS

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