BEA Made Me Feel Bad

Again, this was my haul:20140531_185936_resized haul

And I feel overwhelmed because so many books, so little time! Overwhelmed alert! I don’t even have anywhere to put these books in my house. No more room! Every inch of my bookcases are packed to brink.

I overheard someone at BEA saying they read about four books a week. Sure, perhaps she works in publishing, but… My jealously was in full affect. I’ve read 5 books in two months, granted one of them was The Goldfinch, which is 800 pages. I’m never going to get through what is already on my TBR list (which is organized in a spreadsheet) and with my new BEA haul, my list went over 500 books. 500! Perhaps I need to think of it as I was doomed from the start. There are hundreds of years of amazing books that can into being before I was born, with new ones arriving all the time. At this point, I’m just trying to stay ahead of the movie tie in coming out (Gone Girl, Hector and the Search for Happiness anyone). I really thought I HAD read This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. But I read The Book of Joe, Plan B and Everything Changes. I really thought I’d read Middlemarch eons ago, until I read the reviews of Rebecca Mead’s ‘My Life in Middlemarch’ and realized Dorethea was a character completely unfamiliar to me (then I went through an angry phase as I went to the only two remaining bookstores near my home, neither of which had Middlemarch in print, yet had stacks of {insert the name of a book you can’t believe is a best seller because it looks so dumb}. It’s a novel that feels like it should be owned in print, yes? ).

Ok, crazy rant complete. I need to spend more time reading. Why am I writing this?

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