Book Riot #BKR03

Imagine me jumping in the air with joy. Yeah!
This is my first Quarterly Book Riot book, or whatever it’s called, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’ve been thinking I need to branch out, read a genre I never read. Especially after BEA, where I continued my semi-amazement at the popularity of paranormal teen romance. But anyway, what do I never read these days: romance, sci fy and young adult (I know, I know.. everyone loves Eleanor & Park and The Fault of Our Stars). What is in the box:


Romance! Sci Fy! Young Adult! Plus other cool stuff like a library card pouch.

It’s like they read my mind…

Admission: I have read one romance novel in my life. I was ten years old and my older cousin left a beat up paperback at our house.

Shanna by Kathleen Woodiwiss

Sensing something exciting, I squirelled the book away to my room.. and Ruark Beachamp’s burning amber eyes, Shanna’s sea green eyes and bursting bosom.. well, they are burned into my psyche and are very much a part of my growing up.

I read the book a number of times during my teenaged years. My cousin looked everywhere for it, irrate. I never never admitted to taking it. At this very moment that book is in a suitcase I rarely use, in the back of the closet. I’m admitting it here for the first time: I own a romance novel and I’m a book thief. Thank you, Book Riot. I really do feel better about it now.

TBR: now up to 508. long exhale.

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