The Power of a Deadline

Today is MLB trade deadline day. Something to obsess over. Something outside your own life that feels important. One should spend time fixating on every rumor, every possibility. After all that fixation will have impact on what happens, obviously. Blockbuster trades will result emotions completely in proportion to the impact on your life, right? No. So why do we do it? Is it something out of our control that we can fixate on so we don’t fixate on our own lives for awhile? Or is it that sports personalities are a part of our lives, especially baseball players, as they are in our lives daily for up to eight months a year. Maybe there is something to loving something, being passionate about something outside of yourself that is part of being human. How much you react or don’t react, how much time you spend on the rumors, options are a function of the room in you have in your life for such things.Many will think the time spent silly. But you love what you love, and that can’t be wrong. So bring on the rumors, let them wash over me. I’m more interested in the end result. For me it will most likely be that one of the best left handed pitchers ever to play for my team will be gone, treated badly by the ownership group that treats us all badly by making baseball into a pure money making machine rather than the joy of a small child going to the park for the first time, or sitting watching games with a family member being their first memory. I love baseball, and all the shenanigans that come with it. At 4pm or so today, my team will look different. At 4:01 we start the next phase of our relationship. How I let that affect me is up to me. As an adult, I will understand what needs to occur, but the child in me will hurt, knowing you let a hero go for reasons that only adults consider. The child in me will hurt; hurt because the world isn’t the place I thought it was, and my friends the players need to come and go.

Bring it on, MLB trade deadline. I’m ready for the craziest day of the year.

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