Promote This

I have been listening to Promote Yourself – New Rules for Career Success by Dan Scwhabel. Maybe I shouldn’t have, but I assumed this was about promoting oneself without seeming boastful or opportunistic. Instead, it seems to be a book advising Millennials on how to get promoted at work. Such exciting tips as:

    Learn the skills you need. Take advantage of training programs and conferences. Maybe your employer will pay.
    First impressions count. Be aware of body language.
    Be able to work with members of all generations. Older people are used to hierarchy, not the cool world we live in now where Millennials just move around as they wish (apparently).
    There are insensitive jerks in the workplace. People who actually enjoy pushing others down. Don’t be one of these people.
    Master soft skills to be the person others want to work with
    Be a good team member
    Be careful of ‘reply all’.
    Use Facebook and Twiiter, but be careful what you post. People are watching. I would tell you more about the social media chapter, but I had to fast forward because life it too short.

The sub-title of this book is New Rules for Career Success? These are the same rules. The same rules! Is there anything above that any survivior of junior high school doesn’t know? It makes me sad that this information had to be written down for Millennials, and are referred to as ‘new’. New to you. I continue to be amazed at business books that provide absolutely no new information. How do they keep getting published?

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