A Request of Brian Williams and NBC **update**

**Update**NBC News clearly read my request and suspends Brian Williams for six months.
It’s refreshing to see, but I am sad. I sort of love you, Brian Williams, but you let us down.

Dear Brian,

Before the results of the investigation, oh sorry ‘journalist fact-gathering’, are known and decisions about your return to the air are made, I’d like you to watch the following to refresh your memory on what journalism should be: an objective, truthful reporting which allows those in a democratic society the information needed to make the decisions we are so wonderfully allowed to make. To do that successfully, we must trust the journalism profession.

Edward R. Murrow – This Reporter

Perhaps more than any reporter before or since, Murrow captured the trust and belief of a nation and returned that trust with honesty and courage. His belief in journalism as an active part of the political process and a necessary tool within democracy has forever altered the politics and everyday life of the American people.

Walter Cronkite – About Walter Cronkite

Cronkite set the standards of television news when the medium was new and malleable. He was loyal to those standards, and his large audience was correspondingly loyal to him. “He seemed to me incorruptible,” said director Sidney Lumet, “in a profession that was easily corruptible.” It was all that Cronkite wanted — and he achieved it.

By the way, Cronkite was referred to as ‘The Most Trusted Man in America’.

And through in Good Night, and Good Luck for good measure.

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