Girl on the Train

Gone Girl meets Rear Window? Sign me up.
Sadly, this book was neither Gone Girl or Rear Window, but it was an entertaining romp. It’s a nice beach read for when you don’t need or want to think that hard because the ending is fairly obvious. Due to it’s references to Gone Girl and a twist, I was looking for the twist the entire time. My favorite of my own twists was (spoiler alert!) that Rachel had a psychotic break, creating an entire second world for herself. There is only one couple, Tom and Scott are the same person. They basically are the same character, nice, good looking guy to the outside world, secret devil when pushed. Their houses are exactly the same layout therefore Rachel knows where everything is in Megan and Scott’s. Come on! Of course Megan must be missing, because she can’t compete with herself. Rachel consoles Scott, right. See what a golf club hole in the wall and being blamed for a marriage’s demise can do to a person? I think this would be a more interesting book, but alas, it was not so.

I found it challenging to endure Rachel making one self-destructive choice after another. Get yourself together, girl! You have at least a friend and your mother who will help you. You had a bad life blow, things didn’t work out the way you wanted, but are you going to let that ruin the rest of your life. How much lower can you go than getting fired, sleeping with a missing woman’s husband and going to see the same missing woman’s shrink? You never met her. How could involving yourself possibly be the sane choice. Spend your time in AA! But then we wouldn’t have this novel would we? And an alcoholic stabbing someone with a cork screw… come on. 10 on the obvious meter.

Despite my description above, I liked this book. If Gone Girl had never existed, I may have loved it. But the gauntlet has been thrown and standards are higher now. I enjoyed my own imagining of what could be more than the actual book, however it was the book that inspired those dreams. So.. enjoy this at the beach, the plot will keep you interested.

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