Adventures in Cooking: There are 2 more meals


I made the one meal and was quite proud of myself, but there are two more in the box.   So here I go:

Check it out:  three pots and/or pans at once.  That is more than I usually use in month.   I made my own pasta sauce (via ingredients portioned out for me and described in a glossy brochure).  I am a chef!  

All the ingredients combined to create something that appears edible.  No one in this household knows how to react.


WO…  It has presentation, it has style.  Someone could eat this.  It’s a real meal.  

Hello Fresh has worked some voodoo on me. 

Except that…  these two meals have taken it out of me.   There is one more from the first week, and (gasp!) today is Tuesday, delivery day.. .which means: 

Three more meals.  Three more nights of cooking.  Three more feelings of accomplishment or three more pressure to perform?    We shall see. 

I can’t wait for the autumn risotto, though

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