Elizabeth Gilbert wants ME to read Love Warrior

I KNEW we were secretly besties even if she has no idea I exist! 

Despite being a huge fan of the whole Liz Gilbert, Brene Brown (sorry, no accent), Cheryl Strayed, Gretchin Rubin world of possibilities, I have never heard of Glennon Doyle Melton (and with that name I expect her to be a relative of Kate Middleton), but I thought:  

Hold on, wait a minute… is that not the same book that just got selected for Oprah’s Bookclub??   What book deities have rained down on Ms. Melton to achieve the perfect storm of book publicity?  I mean once you have Oprah, is there need for more?   Call off the dogs.   

Someone tell me if this book is actually this good.  I need to know!

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