A President and Love and Books and Empathy

“I don’t worry about the survival of the novel.  We are a story telling species”

Read this.  Read it now!  It’s Obama on love of the written word, how writing helped him define himself and how we explore other’s experiences.  


Here is a list of the books and authors mentioned in the above and it’s companion piece.   I know I’m adding the books I haven’t read and a sampling of the below authors to my TBR. 

Churchill, Winston

Baldwin, James

Bellow, Saul

Cixin, Liu:  The Three Body Problem

DuBois, W.E.B

Diaz, Junot

Emerson, Ralph Waldo

Flynn, Gillian:  Gone Girl 

Gandi, Mohandas

Groff, Lauren:   Fates and Furies

Hemingway, Ernest:   A Movable Feast

Hughes, Langston

Kanheman, Daniel:  Thinking Fast and Slow

King, Martin Luther Jr.

Kingston, Maxine Hong:  The Woman Warrior

Kolbert, Elizabeth:  The Sixth Extinction

Lahiri, Jhumpa

Lessing, Doris:  The Golden Notebook

Lincoln, Abraham

Mailer, Norman:  The Naked and the Dead 

Mandela, Nelson

Malcolm X

Robinson, Marilyn:  Gilead

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia:  One Hundred Years of Solitude

Morrison, Toni:   Song of Solomon

Naipal, V.S.:  A Bend in the River

Nietzsche, Friedrich

Niebuhr, Richard H.

Roosevelt, Teddy

Roth, Philip

Saint Augustine

Sartre, John Paul


Whitehead, Colson:  The Underground Railroad

Wright, Richard

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