So Many Books, So Little Time..

There should be a word for:

The cycle of really wanting to read a book you’ve just heard about, someone or many people are raving about it, it will certainly change your life or make you see things in a whole new way! So you add it to your to be read pile with all the best intentions in the world (my TBR already two miles long. Don’t scoff, at my average rate of reading, my TBR will take me years, years!, to get through. My TBR may be where great books go to die). I’m reading four other books right now, but then this new book, for sure. Except by that time, you have a book club book to read (I am in two book clubs, both of which read books that invariably don’t come from my TBR except when it’s my turn to pick), and maybe a book to read for work, or a library hold comes in (or two or three or five). Those books are on a deadline! I have to get to them! And simply must re-read Little Women, I meant to last year for the 150th anniversary, but I didn’t quite get to it. Then I need to balance between print reading and ebook reading, which I can do on my commute via train, and having an audio book, which for a lot of reasons I like to read non-fiction in audio, and all of a sudden the paperback of the book I really, really wanted to read is out. Horrible that I have not read that book I really, really want to read. A feeling of failure sets in, yet I continue to listen to podcasts and read reviews about other new books that I really want to read and they also go on the TBR with the best of intentions. The cycle of not being able to read all the books continues! What a ghastly realization to let sink in. I feel bad, I look longingly at the book, which I probably own (because I only request books from the library that I think I don’t need to own, then insanely feel as if I have to read them even though I should read the ones I own because I think I’ll love them). Then one day you hear the author has a new book coming out. Yes, the author has birthed and seen to publication an entire new book in the time you’ve been not reading their book that you really, really want to read. Gah…

I feel as if there is no cure for this disease, and it’s the only disease I want to have.

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