Spin Bike Update

I’ve just been in a funk. Being at home for months and months and coming to the understanding that there are still months to go, plus reading an article that 50% of gyms could go out of business because people have gotten used to working at home and bought all the equipment. While I don’t feel like I’ve gained the COVID 15, I do feel… soft, gross, not in the shape I was in at the gym. So I did hours and hours of research (See my previous post on my spin bikesanity‚Ķ), made a decision and clicked ‘order’. Ever since I’ve felt like my life will start again once it gets here. How crazy is that? It’s all part of accepting that pandemic life IS my life, as least for now. And I’m done hanging around waiting for things to change. This is one little thing I can control and do to improve my life, both for my health and my sanity. Yes, I know it’s a bit sad to be looking forward to purchase so much, but I really, really am.

I ordered last Monday, 1/25. At the time, the expected shipping time was 1 week. Later that day, the expected shipping time changed to 4 weeks on the site. Somehow my order still said it was expected to ship 2/1. Have I been refreshing my order status multiple times a day since? Yes, I have. Had I decided to give it until tomorrow morning to inquire about a realistic shipping date? Yes, I had. Had I resigned myself to it being 4 weeks? Yes, I did. I’m one an a half weeks in, so that would only be 2 and a half weeks to go. I downloaded the Peloton app and started checking out non-cycling classes. I like them, but I suspect I’m missing out on the real fun. 2.5 more weeks: gah!

And then… when I wasn’t even refreshing my status:

You’re Order Has Shipped


Lower in the email is a link to track the package with a message that tracking will be available within 24 to 48 hours of shipment. Not one to follow directions (never did understand coloring inside the lines), I immediately click on the link to see if there is any information, yet. And it is scheduled to be here Friday. As in 2 days from now Friday!



I’m so excited to getting back into the shape I used to have when I went to the gym. I just want to feel good about something. Possibly I’ll feel different after the first ride (ok, definetely I’ll feel different after the first ride), but for now: whoop whoop!

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