Book Riot

As a person semi-obsessed with Book Riot, imagine my thrill at a conversation the podcast regarding their TBR list survey. Yes, To Be Read list.How did I miss this survey? Well, I don’t keep up with the podcast as well as I should.

But anyway, TBR! Something so obvious, how could one not have one? I am definitely in the group of people who finds the need for book discovery incomprehensible, having had lists of books to read, then an Amazon wishlist, the Goodreads To Read shelve, and now back to: plain old Excel list. Since the average TBR list according to the survey was 335 (weee…), I realized not only are these my people, but they know my secret shame. But in hearing this, I realized: not shameful! Not embarrassing to have 470 on ones TBR, not unusual to own over 100 books that one just hasn’t gotten to, yet. I am SO happy.

I could spare you the depths of my TBR craziness, but now that I know there are others, here it is: I separate books into four categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Self (can be self improvement, hobbies, etc), and Work related. I have prioritized the books into 1, 2 or 3 within each of the four categories. I decided to try only be reading one book in each category at a time. I force myself to make hard priority decisions when the latest book comes out. Do I really want to put it ahead of the big book from last year that keeps getting pushed down (Hello, Gone Girl!)? Do I? Do I?

I’m also tracking how much I’m reading, in # of books, digital v. print and pages. The Goldfinch is 800+ pages, enough said. I intend compile the info at the end of the year and look for ways to fit in even more books. Because 470 books.. that’s a lot of reading to get in. So why am I writing this? Come to me Nook Glowlight, it’s time to cuddle up in bed.

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