Three Quarters 30 Try 2 – Day 2

Today again was a pretty good day.  

Same smoothy as yesterday, same stew with some corn in it for lunch.   Making meals in advance works for me.  When it comes to choosing foods that are good for me, well, the smaller the choices, the better, I guess.  

Since we’re getting ready for a bombogenesis, following by an artic blast, I decided to cook up some food for dinner which could be cooked in a large batch and could be eaten cold, in case we loose power.  What fit the bill was Red Lentil Vegetable Stew   .  Yes, it’s Martha Stewart and also yes, you see chick peas.  I skipped the yogurt dressing.  Come on, even I can’t justify that.  Super yummy.  

Thoughts on Day 2:   I continue to be surprised that I’m not more hungry, though perhaps I over did it on almonds, and don’t miss wine more.  Wine was my friend that helped me unwind was off the stank of my job.  I thought I’d be crying for it, but I’m surprisingly satisfied with decafe tea.  Say what?!  Who are you??   I’m someone who always wanted to be the type who drinks tea.  But I’ve always been the type of person who drinks coffee and wine.  So there.  

So another successful day, but I reserve the right to be sad about the wine, especially when snowbound over the next few days. 

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