Three Quarters 30 – 1 week in

I made it through one week of my Three Quarters 30. Whoop Whoop!


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The sugar hangovers are gone and I feel good. I even feel what I called a little de-puffed, which means some of my post-holiday bloat has receded. It’s all good news except for the one nagging cheat I had. Over the weekend, I met a friend for a movie, then we grabbed a bite. This particular friend is the type of person who has a hard time with people who don’t do things the way she does them. She loves meat. I am a vegan. On the surface, she is supportive, but she acts a little put off by what I order. She once told me she feels guilty eating meat in front of vegetarians, so perhaps it is a dislike of having her choices curtailed, though I assured her she should eat whatever she wants.

So the thought of explain to her that I am both vegan and doing the Three Quarters 30, which in practice means there are very few options in restaurants, was just not something I wanted to do. So I decided to just try to find something on the menu that would work for me. Which was all fine except we had gone to a craft brewery. She was waxing on and on about them making their own beers there and how good they were the entire time we were looking at the menu. If I told her I wasn’t drinking, I know she wouldn’t want to drink, either and she clearly was excited about it. So I ordered the smallest beer with the lowest alcohol content. Go along to get along, right? But I feel guilty. I cheated on myself. Of course all of it is my own fault. Possibly if I had told her about Three Quarters 30 outside of deciding on this movie, it wouldn’t have been an issue. I should really try to avoid eating out entirely for the duration, it’s so difficult. But I didn’t, and now I have to live with the choice I made. But, all you can do is get up, start again and be better today.

Three Quarters 30 – Day 3: Sugar Hangover

Sugar hangover is what I think this is, anyway. Because even though I no alcohol has been consumed, I woke up feeling dehydrated, gross, my mouth dry; my tongue desperately trying to clear this bad taste out by making the sound mleah, mleah, mleah. I should drink a big glass of water, but I have a big, steaming, cup of coffee in my hands because I’m so tired (three day work weeks are a bitch!). What is this? I thought I was supposed to sleep so much better without my glass of wine with dinner. This sucks. I don’t want to do it anymore. Is this what Seth Godin calls the The Dip? Two days is my dip?

I read once that the sugar hangover lasts about a week. It’s your body saying: give me my drugs, fool! I need the sugar! I want the sugar! A little sugar won’t hurt anything!  Let’s go eat a bagel (which when digested turns into sugar) and a latte! NO.  I can push through this. I can! Mostly because I went to the gym last night and just like all the New Years resolutioners who have just joined the gym, I could feel my extra holiday induced jiggle. So I still feel gross, but now gross, dehydrated and tired. I’m off to get some water and to fight another day.

Three Quarters 30 Try 2 – Day 2

Today again was a pretty good day.  

Same smoothy as yesterday, same stew with some corn in it for lunch.   Making meals in advance works for me.  When it comes to choosing foods that are good for me, well, the smaller the choices, the better, I guess.  

Since we’re getting ready for a bombogenesis, following by an artic blast, I decided to cook up some food for dinner which could be cooked in a large batch and could be eaten cold, in case we loose power.  What fit the bill was Red Lentil Vegetable Stew   .  Yes, it’s Martha Stewart and also yes, you see chick peas.  I skipped the yogurt dressing.  Come on, even I can’t justify that.  Super yummy.  

Thoughts on Day 2:   I continue to be surprised that I’m not more hungry, though perhaps I over did it on almonds, and don’t miss wine more.  Wine was my friend that helped me unwind was off the stank of my job.  I thought I’d be crying for it, but I’m surprisingly satisfied with decafe tea.  Say what?!  Who are you??   I’m someone who always wanted to be the type who drinks tea.  But I’ve always been the type of person who drinks coffee and wine.  So there.  

So another successful day, but I reserve the right to be sad about the wine, especially when snowbound over the next few days. 

Today I’m starting…

On this 29th day of February, which only occurs in bissextile years, I am starting a new eating plan.   My friend wants to do a cleanse to kick off getting ready for clothes season.  I was interested as first, then considered the other information which has been coming into my consciousness recently:  how bad sugar is for you, how a plant based diet seems to improve the health of many, allowing them to recover from horrible diseases and conditions as well as reduce their prescriptions. 

All that sounds great, right?   Just eat your vegetables.   I already do not eat meat, but have yet to give up dairy, eggs or fish.  So I decided my ‘cleanse’ isn’t a fad, something to do for five days, then back to the norm, but an eating plan that I can hopefully stick to for life.   It’s simple and here it is: 

  • Only real foods, no processed foods
  • Vegan

And yes, I’m going to do it for five days to start.   If i can make it five days and feel better and have more energy, I’ll be quite pleased.   Then perhaps I’ll do another five days, until this is just how I eat.  

I’m not sure if this is a good plan, but I’m giving it a try.  

I’ll let you know how it goes.  I already have no idea what to eat for breakfast.  Do people really only eat fruit?