Three Quarters 30 – 1 week in

I made it through one week of my Three Quarters 30. Whoop Whoop!


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The sugar hangovers are gone and I feel good. I even feel what I called a little de-puffed, which means some of my post-holiday bloat has receded. It’s all good news except for the one nagging cheat I had. Over the weekend, I met a friend for a movie, then we grabbed a bite. This particular friend is the type of person who has a hard time with people who don’t do things the way she does them. She loves meat. I am a vegan. On the surface, she is supportive, but she acts a little put off by what I order. She once told me she feels guilty eating meat in front of vegetarians, so perhaps it is a dislike of having her choices curtailed, though I assured her she should eat whatever she wants.

So the thought of explain to her that I am both vegan and doing the Three Quarters 30, which in practice means there are very few options in restaurants, was just not something I wanted to do. So I decided to just try to find something on the menu that would work for me. Which was all fine except we had gone to a craft brewery. She was waxing on and on about them making their own beers there and how good they were the entire time we were looking at the menu. If I told her I wasn’t drinking, I know she wouldn’t want to drink, either and she clearly was excited about it. So I ordered the smallest beer with the lowest alcohol content. Go along to get along, right? But I feel guilty. I cheated on myself. Of course all of it is my own fault. Possibly if I had told her about Three Quarters 30 outside of deciding on this movie, it wouldn’t have been an issue. I should really try to avoid eating out entirely for the duration, it’s so difficult. But I didn’t, and now I have to live with the choice I made. But, all you can do is get up, start again and be better today.

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